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Griefing Griefers

So as I was setting up for our Thursday night 10-man, a friend in mumble tells me he’s out at the Crucible of Carnage dealing with griefers.  So, being the nice guy I am, I mounted up and rode into battle.  Looked something like this:

Best part of this? The In-guild Comment from a friend of mine.

I have to say, I don’t pvp.  I don’t gank.  I don’t grief.  But when my friends and I ended up out there dealing with a bunch of lv84s and 85s who found it funny to give hell to a group of leveling horde, I discovered something.  I definitely enjoyed myself more than I thought possible.  Miri is totally corrupting me!  It’s all her fault!  Best part had to have been when one of the griefers created a lv1 character just to play innocent and ask us to stop ganking them.

PS: To everyone who read my first two posts: thank you.  I know they were really bloody long.  I’m working on making my posts shorter.  To everyone who went TL:DR, I can’t blame you.  They totally were XD  I come from a creative writing background where long is good.  Here, I want to be shorter.  I will be shorter, I promise.  Thanks for not giving up 🙂


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