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I got bored and was feeling rusty, and I figured at least a few of us can appreciate this.  Didn’t take too long, probably 2 or 3 hours with a height of 73 blocks. Not entirely satisfied with the flat color scheme, but I had to work with what I had.  It works.  Hope you all appreciate it.



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I shouldn’t have named the blog after a WoW talent at the rate I’m dying to talk about other things.  Oops?  Anyway, here’s another piece of minecraft art.  I pulled the source picture off the Fairy Tale wiki and went from there.  Hope you all like it 🙂

Total Time Spent: Roughly 7 hours.
Height: 100 blocks.

Source Picture and complete image:

The Titania

Source: Fairy Tale wiki


Here’s how the progress went:

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I know I’ve spammed twitter with it quite a lot when I finally got it built, but I figured ‘eh, may as well put it on a place where it won’t go missing’.  With that in mind, I’m going to keep this short:

The statue is almost completely multicolored wool, but the darker red sections that look to have some weird texture on them is netherrack.  The statue was built in roughly 7 hours across two days using a reference picture.  The total statue height is 127 blocks, with one block of dirt separating it from the nether, and came to be 11 rows too tall for the world, resulting in her very obvious haircut.

And, after all that work, here’s the final result:

Well worth the effort, don’t you think?  😀  I was scared to death of using magenta wool for shadowed skin.  Looks like it worked, though!  😀 I’m already planning my next statue.  It should be up soon.  Stay posted :3

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