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Griefing Griefers

So as I was setting up for our Thursday night 10-man, a friend in mumble tells me he’s out at the Crucible of Carnage dealing with griefers.  So, being the nice guy I am, I mounted up and rode into battle.  Looked something like this:

Best part of this? The In-guild Comment from a friend of mine.

I have to say, I don’t pvp.  I don’t gank.  I don’t grief.  But when my friends and I ended up out there dealing with a bunch of lv84s and 85s who found it funny to give hell to a group of leveling horde, I discovered something.  I definitely enjoyed myself more than I thought possible.  Miri is totally corrupting me!  It’s all her fault!  Best part had to have been when one of the griefers created a lv1 character just to play innocent and ask us to stop ganking them.

PS: To everyone who read my first two posts: thank you.  I know they were really bloody long.  I’m working on making my posts shorter.  To everyone who went TL:DR, I can’t blame you.  They totally were XD  I come from a creative writing background where long is good.  Here, I want to be shorter.  I will be shorter, I promise.  Thanks for not giving up 🙂


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A big rocky loot piñataThe Situation

With Dragon Soul in hand, you and your raid have safely escorted Thrall to Wyrmrest Temple.  However, upon arrival you have found it under siege by Deathwing and minions of the Old Gods themselves.  Before you can end Deathwing once and for all, and prevent the fall of all things mortal, you must work to break the siege.  Your first obstacle is the most powerful elemental still in the service of Deathwing, Morchok, who is busy attempting to bring down the Wyrmrest Temple by destroying its foundation.

The Requirements

  • Two tanks
  • 5-7 Healers
  • A balance of DPS, even though ranged has, at times, the advantage.

The Mechanics

  • Stomp: Morchok stomps the ground, dealing 2.3m damage split between all players in 25 yards.  The two closest targets take double damage.
  • Crush Armor: Tanks take a hit worth 120% his regular attacks and reduces their armor by 10% for 20 seconds.
  • Resonating Crystal: Morchok summons an explosive crystal which targets the 7 closest raid members.  After 12 seconds, the crystal will explode, dealing massive shadow damage to all targeted raid members.  The closer you are to the crystal, the less damage you take.
  • Furious: A soft enrage at 20%.  Attack speed increases by 30% and his damage increases by 20%.
  • The Earth Consumes You: Morchok draws all players in the raid to where he stands.  All players take 5% of their life every second for 5 seconds.  While this is going on, Morchok also casts:
    • The Earth’s Vengeance:  Earth shards spring up around Morchok in a rough circle.  If you’re standing near one (within 2 yards), you’ll take 15,000 physical damage.
    • Black Blood of The Earth: Black blood erupts outwards from Morchok.  Standing in this black blood will deal 5000 nature damage, and increase nature damage taken by 100% every second.  This effect stacks up to 20 times.

The Execution

Morchok is about as easy a fight as you’re going to find in the Dragon Soul Raid.  This fight is considerably easier than any other within Dragon Soul and acts as a barrier to all but the most inept of groups.  If you cannot down Morchok with a little time and practice, you seriously need to reconsider your raid makeup and dedication.  The fight comprises two time-based phases, and while awareness is the key, most of the mechanics are fairly forgiving.   In fact, the fight is so simple, the only category I can figure it factors into is the ‘Mails you the loot once a week’ bosses, keeping Alizabal and Void Reaver company.

Phase Zero: Pre-Pull Setup

Beyond your group’s standard actions, you may want to mark a raid member for following during phase two, and/or mark a position for the raid to stand on the ground during phase one.  In addition, your raid leader should select seven (three on 10s) ranged and/or healers who will not suffer from excessive moving and assign them to crystal duty.

Forgive the UI. This was the best picture I had at the time. There's a resonance crystal in the foreground. Our tanks are in front and the rest of the raid is stacked up behind him.

Phase One: Morchok Smash!

Phase one positioning for Morchok should have the tanks side-by-side, with Morchok facing towards Wyrmrest Temple.  Melee DPS should be located behind Morchok at maximum melee range.  Ranged and healers should then stack on the melee.

Morchok uses three mechanics during the first phase: Stomp, Crush Armor, and the Resonating Crystals, all three of which happen at a consistent rate at roughly even durations.

Stomp (All): Every 10-15 seconds, Morchok will stomp the ground for ~2.3 million damage, split between all players within 25 yards.  This is Morchok’s main damage-causing ability to players other than the tanks.  The catch is that the two closest players will take double the damage.  Positioning your raid as above will ensure that the two closest players will be your two tanks, as well as give healers ample opportunity to bomb the raid with AoE heals.

Crush Armor (Tanks/Healers):  Crush armor is Morchok’s tankswap mechanic.  It requires that the healers and tanks both pay attention.  As Crush Armor stacks, the tank in question will take more and more damage.  Tanks should watch their health and call for a taunt when they reach a level they feel uncomfortable taking any more stacks at.

A good example of a resonating crystal, with all targets at medium range.

Resonating Crystal (All): The Resonating Crystal is the fight’s awareness check.  About every 15 seconds, Morchok will throw down a Resonating Crystal somewhere on the ground.  That crystal will pick the seven closest people (three on tens), and their screens will go very technicolored.  A swirling beam will connect them to the crystal, which looks like a pink hunk of quartz surrounded by a red barrier.  At this point, the team of ranged on crystal duty should run over to the resonating crystal, and stack on it.  When the yellow border on their screen goes away, they’re close enough.  The crystal will explode after 12 seconds.  When it detonates, it knocks everyone up into the air and disappears.  These people should be healed as the next crystal comes down.

A note on the resonating crystal: The Dungeon Journal says that the targets should be random and unchanging.  The fact that they change could be a bug.  If that’s the case, then the selected people should go stack on the crystal.  The selected could be anyone.  So far this is not the case, however, and should not be worried about.

Phase Two: Hide and Seek!

Use the earth spikes to break LoS and avoid the Black Blood of the Earth!

Phase Two consists of the remaining mechanic and its sub-mechanics: The Earth Consumes You, The Earth’s Vengeance, and Black Blood of the Earth, and will last approximately 30 seconds.

The Earth Consumes You! (All): After a certain amount of time, Morchok will enter phase two, which is incredibly obvious as every single raid member is picked up off their feet and summoned to where Morchok stands.  Everyone will take 25% of their damage over 5 seconds, so healers need to make sure that the raid is as closed to being topped off as possible at all times.  As he’s doing this, he’ll also be channeling…

The Earth’s Vengeance (All): As Morchok pulls the raid to himself, he’s also going to summon earth spikes around him in a rough circle.  Technically, these spikes will deal damage to anyone within 2 yards of them.  However, as they’re coming up, you should be somewhere flying towards Morchok, so the point is moot.  If your raid picked a member to follow, this would be the time to find them.  If not, we find it easiest to position ourselves to run back towards the entrance of the raid in order to avoid any trash.  The entire point of the spikes is to break your line of sight with Morchok as he casts…

Black Blood of the Earth (All): As soon as you can move after The Earth Consumes You, start running.  This is the most important mechanic of Phase Two.  The entire raid must break Morchok’s line of sight as he lays down Black Blood of the Earth, which will work its way out from Morchok like the spokes of a bike wheel, stopping only when they reach an earth spike.  You must be behind one of these spikes, or you will die.  Black Blood is channeled for 24 seconds, and during this time you must be out of the black stuff on the ground or you will take increasingly heavy damage.  Ranged can still hit Morchok during this phase, making them technically slightly more useful than melee dps.  However, because this fight is far from a DPS race, the entire point is unimportant.

An important note about Black Blood of the Earth and Earth’s Vengeance: If you can, hide behind two earth spikes that are side by side.  If you must hide behind a single earth spike, back up.  There is an issue in the game’s code that registers you still standing in the black blood if you’re standing right up against a single spike, you’re still standing in the black blood and will take damage.  Back up a few feet from the crystal and check your life.  If you’re not going down, you’re good.

After 24 seconds of Black Blood, Morchok re-enters Phase One.  The raid should reposition themselves as detailed above and repeat ad infinum until Morchok has died.

The Soft Enrage – Furious

Furious (Tank/Healer): Unsurprisingly, Morchok doesn’t like it when a bunch of tiny fleshlings beat on him with axes and spells.  At 20% life, Morchok becomes Furious, increasing his damage done by 20% and his attack speed by 30%.  Healers should be ready for this and be able to adjust.  If you’re still in Phase 1 positioning, this would be a good time to bloodlust.  If your showoff ranged manage to push him in the middle of Phase 2, wait until Phase one has begun and everyone is in position to cast bloodlust.   After that, just burn him to the ground.

If you’ve survived to the burning part and Morchok has fallen, take a screenshot!  You’re one boss into the Dragon Soul raid, and a step closer to ending Deathwing once and for all.

Death Knight Tips, Tricks, and Comments

  • Cooldowns should be timed to that they will expire before entering Phase 2.  Check your DBM timer before hitting your CD button/s.
  • As always, Empower Runic Weapon is best saved for bloodlust.  Because the fight is unlikely to go on longer than 5 minutes, this means saving it for burst DPS at the soft enrage, when bloodlust should be used.
  • Unholy Death Knights (and to an extent, frost, if you’re daring) can use AMS with a few seconds left in the Black Blood channel in order to protect themselves as they charge back out to get in some extra DPS.  This is a great way to give your raid leader a heart attack, by the way.

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As I stumble over a loose floorboard and catch myself on a half-destroyed counter, I find myself laughing.  The walls are bare, every window is broken, and the ceiling is holier than Saint Peter on Easter, but it’s mine, and right now that’s all I find myself caring about.  My first blog; I feel so special and grown up, what using semi-colons and metaphors and other fancy English terms I haven’t thought of, much less used, since I was in the twelfth grade and writing argumentative essays over whether black or dark blue were more appropriate for a job interview.  At least, that’s how I see it.

In reality, there is no windows, no walls, and no ceiling, just me, my computer, and my thoughts.  Most days that’s all I think I really need, just being honest.  As I flip back and forth between this page where I write my thoughts, boldly leaping into the unknown, and my actual blog, where this will (hopefully) appear within the next few minutes, I find myself slightly disillusioned with my taste in graphics.  I feel like the site should look much more impressive than it is.  I should change the color.  I should get a serious banner.  I should do this, that, and the other.

Then I step back, take a deep breath, and silently decide, I don’t care.

The ascetics should be the least-important part of the blog right now.  I could drive myself to drink making it ‘perfect’ (if such a thing does truly exist), or I can relax, let it slide, and do what I really enjoy.


So I’ve decided, for right now, I’m going to make it clean, simple, and quick.  No special pictures, no freaking out, just me.  You can decide for yourselves.

AKA: That Frozen Bitch

Look upon my form ye mighty and despair!

I’m a Death Knight.  Have been ever since I started playing WoW, with the exception of the last 3 weeks before Wrath of the Lich King, in which I leveled a paladin to lv56.  I’d only really gone Death Knight because I couldn’t find a good area to level the last 2 levels I needed to reach the Outlands, but Glaci-girl has stuck with me ever since.  I play Frost Dual-Wield more often than not, but do have a somewhat-fail tanking spec.  Still working on that one.

I also play a Discipline Priest on my off-nights.  There wasn’t really any decision behind that so much as I just really wanted to try out healing and my priest was already level 53 when I started.  Plus, if I’m being totally honest, it’s another two profession slots, and I enjoy being as self-sufficient as humanly possible.

If you want to look me up, I’m always on Lightninghoof, playing on either Glaciel, the Death Knight, Lindistra, the Priest, or one of my other alts, most recently Haluu, the Druid.  Drop me a whisper the next time you’re on the realm; I always enjoy meeting new people.

My real life isn’t anything terribly special.  I’m currently enrolled at a local college on a full-ride scholarship and spend most of my days rotting away in front of my computer, as my mom is so quick to point out.  🙂  I live at the dorms, with three of the most annoying roommates to get along with I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I may just be a hard guy to get along with, but odds are good that’s not the case.

I does not has the skill

Why I'm not allowed to draw nice things...

I’m working on a double-major of Computer Science and ‘ATEC’, the Arts and Technology degree, so that I can hopefully work my way into the video game industry.  I like playing games, and I enjoy writing them, so it seems like a good fit.  Right now, I’m having a little trouble with the ‘Art’ aspect of the ‘Arts and Technology’ degree.  Tech I can do from here until the heat-death of the sun; Art not so much.  You can see my most recent attempt at drawing on the right, here.  That was supposed to be my death knight, transmogged into her starter gear (like everyone else on the server -_-;;).  In reality, it came out to be… something.  I’m not quite sure what.  Human-esque faces are hard, and I was just focusing on the mouth and chin here.  I could definitely use some help, but given that I’ve not tried to drawn anything since the last ice age, I think that there’s still at least some potential to not screw this up 😉 .

About me personally, I like to think I’m pretty chill.  I know for a fact my self-esteem bottomed out somewhere around Basement Level 7 last I checked, and getting it back up to the ground floor is taking some time and good friends, both of which I have plenty of and am forever thankful for.  I generally fall under the category of ‘weird as shit’ when just being myself, so I try to be someone else as little as possible.  Life’s no fun without a little spice; I like to think I make everyone elses’ days just a little bit brighter just by being around.

It’s about this point I realize I’ve gone and contradicted myself with my ‘no pictures’ rule.  Oh well.  They fit and were on hand.

I’m a huge nerd, and if you can’t deal with that then you’re in the wrong blog.  I like math, computers, video games, books, writing, and reading, among other things.  I’m also a bleeding-heart romantic and a person-watcher, although recently I’ve had less time for the latter and fewer experiences of the former.  Thinking about it that way kind of makes me sad.

Little things annoy me more than they should, and frustration comes easily to me when I’ve not eaten, but most of the time I’m a laid-back sorta dude.  If you’re a morning person, don’t call me before noon unless you want to deal with ‘the beast’, the primal aspect of my life that comes out when I’ve gotten less than 8 hours of sleep (which, yes, puts my average bedtime at 4 in the morning).  Either that, or you’ll be talking to an answering machine.

Chill of the Grave is my own selfish little project, started after listening to a few friends of mine talk about their blogs and what they were doing with them.  It may be the chameleon in me coming to the forefront, but I decided “Eh, what the hell?  Could be fun!” and here I find myself.  Chill is going to be everything and anything that comes across to me as interesting.  Thoughts on Patches or tweaks to the game, Boss Strategies for the current raiding tier for Frost Death Knights on 25 player difficulty, news of all the Mists of Pandaria stuff that I’m soon going to find myself in, as well as non-WoW related topics, such as my newest Minecraft creations or innovations in the technology marketplace.

If you’re interested, I’ve also got another blog I’m looking to get started on working towards soon.  The Completionist’s Grimoire  is going to be my take on the ‘guided help’ blog with a little bit of a twist.  TCG Is going to cover anything and everything the game has that’s worth doing.  One week I may cover how to do the Darkmoon Faire achievements and the next will be rare vanity pets of Azeroth.  That one’s not quite ready yet, so don’t go freaking out if you can’t find it.  I’ve done a lot of what World of Warcraft has to offer, so if you’re looking for a specific walkthrough or hint sheet and think it would make a good addition to The Grimoire, don’t hesitate to let me know.

So yes, the roof may leak, and the windows may be more useless than a boomkin in a battleground (it’s a joke!  relax!), but this little corner of cyberspace is mine.  And I’m going to do with it as I please.

And the world will never be the same.  >=D

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